What is Healthy Greens?

Healthy Greens is all-natural 100% Oat Grass (Avena sativa) grown using purified water in an optimal and pesticide free environment.

Why does my pet crave grass?

Many animals like to munch on grass in the wild. If your indoor pet is munching on your houseplants, it is a good idea to purchase Healthy Greens weekly. This way your plants will be safe from your pet and your pet will be safe from any potentially toxic houseplants. Scientists are unsure why many cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and rabbits like to eat a small amount of grass per day. Some have suggested that it adds valuable roughage/fiber lacking in their diet. Some say that it is a natural aid in digestion helping with the passage of hairballs and gastric discomfort. Packed with vitamins and minerals, cereal grasses like Healthy Greens Oat Grass definitely add dietary benefits to your pet’s menu. And by their reaction you’ll know that they definitely consider Healthy Greens a “treat”.

When should I give Healthy Greens to my Pet?

Your pet will enjoy Healthy Greens any time you bring it home, but most pets will crave consistent grazing opportunities. One container of Healthy Greens should last your pet approximately one week. Simply place it on the floor in a spot that is convenient for you and your pet and let them graze periodically. Or, clip a small amount of oat grass and serve it mixed with your pet’s regular food.

Can I serve Healthy Greens to my pet bird?

Absolutely. Healthy Greens are an excellent source of vitamins for birds. We recommend introducing Healthy Greens into your bird’s diet gradually. Clip a small amount and mix with bird food. Don’t let your bird eat from the container unattended. Some birds may try to chew on the plastic container. Those rascals!

Can I serve Healthy Greens to my pet rabbit?

Yes. It is a great treat for rabbits. We recommend introducing Healthy Greens into your rabbit’s diet gradually. Clip a small amount (6-7 blades) and offer it to your rabbit. Don’t allow your pet rabbit to consume the entire container of Healthy Greens in one sitting.

Can I serve Healthy Greens to my pet reptile?

Absolutely. Iguanas, tortoises, lizards and turtles will benefit from the rich supply of vitamins and minerals in Healthy Greens. Clip some Oat Grass from the container and feed it directly to your pet, or mix it with their regular food.

Can I serve Healthy Greens to my cat?

Yes. Cats love fresh sweet Oat Grass. It aids in digestion and helps freshen their breath. Let your cat graze right from the container or mix it with their cat food. Healthy Greens is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. A welcome addition to your cats high-protein diet.

Can I serve Healthy Greens to my dog?

Yes. Let’s be honest, there is a reason for the slang term dog-breath. The chlorophyll in Healthy Greens can actually help freshen your dog’s breath. At the same time your dog will get a great supply of vitamins, minerals and roughage. Allow your dog to simply graze from the pot or add some clippings to your dog’s food.

What is AgriPet, Inc.?

AgriPet, Inc. was founded on the experience of an ornamental plant grower with 18 years of experience in horticulture and a family that loves animals. The idea of providing pet owners with live products that could add to the health and satisfaction of their pets was an appealing challenge. Healthy Greens 100% Farm Fresh Oat Grass is the first in a line of products AgriPet plans to introduce to pet suppliers nationwide. AgriPet, inc. is “Where ideas for pets grow”.

How do I take care of my container of Healthy Greens Oat Grass?

Healthy Greens is specifically grown and offered as a healthy treat for your pet that is designed to last one week. Any cereal grass (Oat, barley, rye, wheat, etc…) provides its maximum nutrition for your pet in the first growth. This initial flush of green has been timed to reach your pet supplier at just the right time to be taken home and enjoyed by your pet for about 7-10 days. Give this live grass a spot with natural light and good ventilation. Then water as needed to keep the soil moist but not saturated. Most pets will crave a consistent supply of roughage. Purchasing Healthy Greens weekly at your local pet supplier will give your pet plenty of grazing opportunities.

Grower’s note: In warm conditions you may notice a harmless mold growing at the base of the tender shoots of grass. This is the same mold you may find on fruit and is not dangerous to animals. Simply wash this white or light gray mold from the plant and place the container in an area with good ventilation.


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